Thursday, 14 December 2017

Lose Weight in Just 6 Weeks only with Knockout

Lose Weight in Just 6 Weeks only with Knockout

60 minutes Weight Loss Program is Enough for YOU!
1.       Full Body Workout 20 minutes
2.       Full Body Stretching Exercise 10 minutes
3.       Fun Pad Boxing Training 15 minutes
4.       Fun Pad Kicking Training 15 minutes
5.       Strong Diet Plan with our Expert

Shrink your body to lean with the right plan, a weight loss transformation plan.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Knockout Martial Arts Training

We have specialized courses for all age groups, for kids, adults and the elderly. Players learn here the most popular fighting form Mixed Martial Arts-MMA which is a combination of Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu jitsu, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Kung fu, Tai chi, Judo, Gymnastics and Martial arts Weapons.
You can start martial arts classes in our indoor academy Janakpuri (West Delhi) and Lajpat Nagar (South Delhi). In the recent Delhi/NCR like North Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi, Gurguan, Noida and Faridabad; in the news for cases of theft, rape and robbery has been often in the past. Need; aware of self-defense training, so we decided to start martial arts training in resident area or outdoor park.

Given this trend, it's a great idea to learn martial arts and self-defense for the safety, protection and peace of mind. We have laws and police to protect us against violence, danger and crime, but we cannot rely on them alone or aspect to provide us turn the clock protection, 24 hours a day. Therefore, we must be able to ourselves and our loved defend attacks, or we can venture out to become another statistic. Do not live in fear of being attacked. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and power of martial arts and self-defense.

Gymnastics Classes Delhi

Gymnastics is the practice of athletic exercises for the development of the body, especially those exercises performed with apparatus such as rings, pommel horse, bars, and balance beam. Although gymnastics was likely practised in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures. All of our classes are designed to train children not only in physical skills, like coordination, strength and flexibility, but to help children grow in self-confidence and social skills as well.

Our Studio, we love to watch children grow. Throughout our 10 years of training Students in gymnastics, we have helped a whole generation grow up strong. As kids progress through our classes and programs, we see their flexibility, body awareness and fitness increase. What’s even more important is that parents are thrilled as they watch their children grow in Self-esteem, Confidence and Character.

Boxing Classes Delhi NCR

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Are you ready to burn 800 calories an hour, look and feel amazing and develop legitimate striking skills with our Boxing classes? Our specially designed curriculum ensures that regardless of your age, gender, or experience level, our expert Boxing Trainers will help you grow your physical strength, endurance, Boxing skills, and self defence abilities to levels you never thought possible.

Our program is an awesome form of Self-Defence. Boxing is easy to learn and very practical. It is very important for beginning martial artists to learn and develop good form with their skills. The student's skills must also be perfected by sparring with other students. By sparring with other students, a student's skills will be much more effective in a street altercation. If a student is training at the right place, this can be done safely, and it can be a lot of fun.

Boxing is very popular at many gyms. This type of training is dangerous because a student will have a false belief that they have developed self-defence skills. This type of training is only for a student who is not interested in learning Martial Arts.

Boxing is training for students interested in learning "real" Boxing. Students learn and develop practical fighting skills. Many of the students at our Boxing studio have had to use their training to defend themselves against street violence.

Exercise :
Boxing Trainer, like any good trainer, are never satisfied with your performance: they are always encouraging you to try harder, to move faster, to aim your punches better. This breeds an important positive attitude: to always be willing to give everything your best shot, and to try as hard as you can. This kind of teaching inspires confidence in one's own abilities, which cannot help but become apparent not only in the boxing Classes, but in everything one does.

Karate Classes Delhi

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Karate is a spiritual art that a common human cannot learn without years of practice under a proper teacher. Now the city a day as Delhi is full of unwanted prescription. In everyday life, we find so many crimes and criminals around us. In all newspapers, news bulletin or any other means of news we can find a new story, which shows that a person stays city is no longer safer. In our karate academy we teach the art of self-defense, self-confidence, to make a person physically and mentally strong to face the world in which we all live.

Karate Classes Delhi:

In our academy, we have been dedicated to forming strong, confident, and successful Black Belts leaders for over 19 years. We offer an exciting, high energy, and positive environment for you and your child to learn the martial arts; Our karate dojo located in Lajpat Nagar-South Delhi and Janakpuri-West Delhi.

Karate in Delhi & Martial Arts for Kids :
We believe that karate should be fun and yet disciplined. The presence of the instructor must be dynamic and enjoyable classes. We believe in the development of each student to the best of their abilities. We believe in the karate for kids program and its incentive system to reward good behavior and upright moral values within the school and in the community. We believe that the participation of parents and family members in the development and progress of the student, to work as a team to achieve goals. We offer a family environment where we grow self-esteem and improve self esteem. Welcome to our Knockout family!

Kickboxing classes Delhi

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Muay thai Classes / K1 Kickboxing:
Comes from Thailand and is known as Muay thai or Thai boxing. The thai version uses very brutal full contact. It has full contact punching, elbow strikes, and many kicks, especially low shin round kicks to the knee joints. Proponents often get permanent injuries. The muay thai and MMA training at our kickboxing gyms is versatile, offering Muay thai/ Thai boxing and MMA training program to suit everyone from beginners and amateurs to professional fighters looking to learn Muay thai for fun, fitness, or self defense; to professionals wanting hone their fighting skills.

Kickboxing Training:
Program where you never actually train with another person, here you will always have the opportunity to work one-on-one with your training partners, and often with the instructor during kickboxing class. Our kickboxing training program consists of a series of stations that include training in punches, kicks, knees, elbows, combinations of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay thai, and Mixed Martial Arts; all taught in a safe and energetic environment. We also offer a 15 minute introductory kickboxing classes that takes place before every regular class. This ensures that you learn the proper basics and never get left behind. Whether you're looking to learn Self-Defense, get in shape, relieve stress or get into heavy competition, we will help you reach your goals. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation

Kickboxing Schools:
pKickboxing is refers to a group of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate, Muay thai and western boxing. Kickboxing is often practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.

Mixed Martial Arts MMA Classes Delhi

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Our specially designed program ensures that whatever your age, gender or level of experience, our mixed martial arts expert instructors will help you develop your physical strength, endurance, mastery of the martial arts and the self-defense capabilities to levels you never thought possible. We offer an exciting, high energy, and positive environment for you and your child to learn the mixed martial arts; Our mixed martial arts training centers located in Janakpuri-West Delhi, Lajpat Nagar-South Delhi, Paschim Vihar-West Delhi, Laxmi Nagar-East Delhi, Faridabad-Haryana(Delhi NCR).

Our program has something for everyone. Mixed Martial Arts teaches traditional Japanese martial arts discipline and respect in all their classes. We can correct discipline, problems and increase school grades and concentration. Closely monitors every student's daily progress. We confirm with parents, schools, and teachers. We train our students to be winners in life on and off the mat. Our training is not expensive but the results are priceless!

Mixed martial arts (MMA) Classes is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, including Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Gymnastics and other styles. The roots of modern mixed martial arts Styles back to the ancient olympic games.