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Which Martial Art is Best Suited For YOU?

Which Martial Art is Best Suited For YOU?

When you think about martial arts, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Karate? Judo? Or maybe MMA or kickboxing?
Martial arts are ridiculously popular around the world from adults to children, and possibly due to the fact that dozens of styles exist, offering something for everyone. The question remains then: which one to choose?
Before you decide to jump into the nearest school in your area, try using some of the following tips to help you narrow down your focus.
Ask Yourself: Why?
Different styles of martial arts exist for a reason. Each of them offers the user various things. Before you can settle on any particular one, you must understand why you want to practice martial arts in the first place.
There are many personal reasons why someone would want to learn martial arts. Here are some of the more common ones:•Self-Defense: This seems to be one of the main reasons why people go into learning martial arts. Even so, choosing the wrong style will have you learning skills that may be useless if you ever face an unfortunate attack. At the same time, you can choose the right self-defense style (e.g. jiu-jitsu), but not realize which techniques work best on the mat and which work best for a real attack.•Fitness: Looking at martial arts from a health standpoint is another big reason why many go into learning a style. Just about all of the arts will work well with this, but some do better than others. Cardio kickboxing classes exist for a reason as they are great at helping you shed pounds.•Competition: If you want to showcase your skills, then that will have a huge impact on which style you choose. Say you want to fight competitively in a ring. You wouldn’t join a traditional kung fu class, would you? You would instead look to the likes of Muay Thai or boxing training.•Peace of Mind: There are plenty of people who just want to get away from the outside world, to release the stress from their day-to-day lives. Certain martial arts styles like Tai Chi allow for just that.
Knowing why you want to study martial arts in the first place is an important first step. Without that, you can find yourself stuck learning a style that fails to teach you what you’re looking for. It’s what can lead people to claiming that one art is better or worse than another simply because it doesn’t do what they need it to do for them.
You need to know why you want to practice martial arts in order to find the right style. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy yourself, and what would be the point then?
Research the Arts
This step should be a given. Once you’re clear about what you’re looking for, do some research. It can help you become more aware of the differences between styles. This especially helps with styles that appear extremely similar (e.g. BJJ and Judo), yet are different once you break them down.
Research can also help you further narrow down what you’re looking for. Say you want something that incorporates weapons. Well, many Chinese martial arts include weapons in their training, so you can start there. If you’re purely interested in grappling, then BJJ, Judo, etc. will be more your taste.
By doing research, you’ll also be able to answer more of the basic questions as to what you’re looking for. Do you want to learn traditional or non-traditional styles? Looking for more physical contact or one that focuses more on form?
A good amount of research will readily answer these questions and get you on your way to actually practicing one of the styles.
Research Schools
You don’t want to sign yourself or your child up to just any martial arts school. This is why research, yet again, comes into play.
First things first: find a martial arts class in your price range. Some places offer deals (e.g. family packages, especially if you’re sending more than one child). Some places, unfortunately, overcharge. Prices aren’t always advertised on websites, so you’ll have to call to learn more.
Once you find a school that’s within your budget, head on over to it and sit in on a class. Remember not to make any investments yet. Research always comes first. Even if you’ve settled on a style, things might change. Reading about something and actually seeing it are two different things.
Say, for instance, you’re signing up your child for BJJ. If you sit in on a class with them, they may discover that they’re a bit claustrophobic and not interested in being tangled up on the ground with another kid so much. It always helps to get a visual of what you’re getting into.
Visiting a prospective school also gives you the chance to talk with some of the other students and meet the instructor. You can find out what the students may like or dislike about the classes, and you should figure out from them the teaching style. Is it more relaxed or strict? Are the classes kept small or large? Do instructors motivate and encourage or are they a bit more withdrawn?
This also gives you the chance to feel out the overall environment of the school. Are students respectful toward each other and the instructor? Is safety kept a high priority, especially if children are involved?
Research all you can about a potential school, even the qualifications of any instructor that works there. You will be putting your safety or your child’s safety on the line here in addition to gaining lifelong skills. Don’t settle for anything that may seem too good to be true.
With the vast number of martial arts styles out there, it may be overwhelming to decide which one you want to learn. Just step back for a moment, take a deep breath, and really think about why you want to invest your time, money, and energy into the fighting arts. Once you reach a decision, don’t be afraid to dive on in.
Self Defense training: Should we start today?
Post the acclaimed film Pink and her recent release Naam Shabana, Taapsee Pannu is inspired by her personal experiences in these films and believes everyone should know self-defense. She has requested her school in Delhi to start self-defense lessons as a full time subject, not just for girls but for boys as well. She wants every student to be able to protect themselves from a young age.
Tapsee says, “I think with the given situation we are in, it’s important to empower girls from a young age. I feel self-defense as a concept has nothing to do with someone’s sex. One should be strong and should be able to learn how to tackle a situation should it arise when their security is being threatened. I think a change always starts with small steps and for me that step was to reach out to my school, request and assist them to begin a course for self-defense for students from a young age.” Tapsee feels the idea “isn’t to just let them learn how to combat but also understand the importance of self-security and know when to utilise their self defence knowledge”.
The principal of the school shared her letter with the management and they plan to introduce self-defense and karate in the school. The management will get a professional to coach students during the vacations.

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Karate Mixed Martial Arts MMA Kickboxing Lajpat Nagar-South Delhi

Mixed Martial Arts-MMA Delhi –  Mixed Martial Arts is a combine training of MMA submission, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling & Gymnastics. MMA is the ultimate, the most effective, and the most comprehensive combat style out there. Incorporating any kind of martial arts, the phases in MMA training and competition generally fall into two categories: striking phase & grappling phase. In this class, students will learn to incorporate the combination of striking and grappling techniques simultaneously with the end goal being able to remain effective in all phases of combat at our center.

As the nation’s Largest collection of Champions & home to many other decorated Champions, KNOCKOUT MMA offers world-class quality and exciting mixed martial arts training experience for students at all fitness levels. KNOCKOUT Clubs is premier mixed martial arts academy based in Janakpuri-West Delhi & Lajpat Nagar- South Delhi; India. We provide personal and group classes both.

With Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing, Maximum MMA is the only KNOCKOUT martial arts academy where courses are specifically designed and exclusively taught by authentic International Champions. We consistently set high expectations for all students, assessing and evaluating progress throughout the year in order to plan effectively for successful learning.

Thai Boxing/Muay Thai – Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, also known as the Science of Eight Limbs (Punches, Elbows, Kicks, and Knees).  The Muay Thai classes focuses on proper use of the techniques and fight strategy while increasing endurance and strength.  The classes focus on building on personal goals, using individual strengths and abilities, while increasing self-esteem and capacities in our coaching.

Boxing –  The oldest and one of the most effective combat style that focuses solely on punching. By learning boxing, student can specifically improve their hand speed, reflexes, footwork, and head movement. All of which are important ingredients to be an elite martial artist.

Kickboxing – Kickboxing is the combination of Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai and Judo throw. It is widely recognized as a very effective stand up base for MMA. Incorporating varieties of kicks, boxing combos, dynamic footwork and explosive throws, Kickboxing is one the most suitable option for athletes who wish to be fast, agile, and explosive on the feet.

Little Ninja –  The Little Ninja (mixed martial arts for kids) at KNOCKOUT MMA is designed to help children ages 3-13 maximizing their true potential in all areas of life through martial arts. By learning martial arts at a young age, children will inherit positive attributes like respect, mental strength, confidence, self-defense skills and humility in our martial arts schools. The Little Ninja program is also designed to help children stand against bullying. By learning self-defense skills, children will be able to protect themselves against bullies. Bullying has often been overlooked especially in Asian’s culture and KNOCKOUT MMA is committed to help children standing up to bullying. In this program, children will be exposed to a comprehensive variety of martial arts lessons.

MMA Adult –  Knockout adults will learn mixed martial arts techniques that will give exercise and teach self-defense, fitness, MMA training routine as well as enable you to compete in tournaments. Set your goal of black belt and then earn your belt ranks with self-discipline and persistence. You will learn flexibility, get in shape, and feel great about your accomplishments.

Are you looking for a mix martial arts training program that will leave you looking great, feeling better and with an extensive knowledge of martial art skills and techniques? The Adult mixed martial arts classes at KNOCKOUT are guaranteed to give you everything you need to get in great shape and learn effective and practical martial arts with a class that’s as fun as it is rewarding. Geared towards all abilities and ages, our program has something for everyone.

In our MMA workout gyms; whether you’re brand new to the martial arts or whether you’ve got a rainbow of belt colors, we assure you, this class will get you in great shape while teaching you incredible mixed martial arts skills in a safe and fun environment.

Our Adult mixed martial arts classes are ideal for everyone ages 18 and up, regardless of experience of fitness level. KNOCKOUT can help you reach any goal, and along the way, we’ll help you discover some of the greatest benefits the martial arts have to offer. Just take a look:


Leadership skills that will give you an edge in everything you do Enjoy improved stamina and cardiovascular endurance Plenty of energy to last you all day long Enjoy unbreakable focus and concentration Your strength and flexibility with skyrocket Develop razor sharp reflexes You’ll laugh away daily stresses Instill a Positive Attitude Build Confidence and Self Esteem Teach the Importance of Strong Values and Good Character Improve Effort and Motivation


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